MX250, MX250C

It serves recycling cooling water for 3 machines automatically.

    "It offers clean, softening and recycled chill water. Powerful compressor, water pump, electric water valve and standard electric control interface installed. It is an idea machine for saving water."


  • Offer recycling chill water, it's useful for the areas lack of water.
  • Ensure the water is soft and clean, which is very important for condenser life.
  • Full automatic running, built in thermometer, pump, electric water valve and auto-recharge-water system, with light and LED displayer to show all the status during working.
  • Remote condenser available, the condenser can be installed out of the building.
  • Powerful compressor installed, 3 channels standard interfaces.
  • International acceptable refrigerate gas R404A.


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                            CHAMBER          COOLING                                                            POWER         INSTALLED                                          DIMENSION                         NET

      MODEL          CAPACITY      WATER TEMP.      CHANNEL     COOLING            TYPE              POWER          COMPRESSOR             W/D/H                           WEIGHT


     MX250C             250 ltr               10-25 c.d                   3                   air                EU or US             5.1 kw                     5 hp               830/750/71450 mm                210 kg


      MX250               250 ltr               10-25 c.d                  3              Remote air        EU or US             5.1 kw                     5 hp               830/750/1100 mm                  245 kg


1. POWER TYPE_EU: 220 voltage / 1Phase / 50 hz, 400 voltage / 3 phase / 50hz

2. POWER TYPE_US: 220 voltage / 1Phase / 60 hz, 220 voltage / 3 phase / 60hz


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