MIX30, MIX60, MIX120, MIX200

30, 60, 120 and 200 liters, Touch-screen controller Pasteurizer

"I have worked on many Italian machines over 30 years, these machines are as good as them, I am impressed by the controller, better than many Italian's. Controls and programming are easy and flexible. I'm glad to introduce MEHEN to my France friends." by Mr. Andrea, owner and chief of REGELATO in Bangkok, Thailand.


We are pleased to launch MEHEN iPasto machines with our dedicated efforts in the past.The newest model will bring you desired level of ice cream and gelato products with high quality.

These machines are computer-controlled. It can mix, heat, age mixes, easy for ice cream makers to prepare and diversify high quality mixture. Great stability, easy to operate, 9 ready programs preset and 11 customer rograms available, one key for whole process. Efficient pasteurizing and ageing process makes it an ideal machine for pasteurization aging and storage of ice cream mix.



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                          CHAMBER           MIX             PRODUCE                                AGITATOR            POWER        INSTALLED                                     DIMENSION               NET

      MODEL       CAPACITY         INPUT            ABILITY          COOLING     MOTOR SPEED         TYPE             POWER       COMPRESSOR            W/D/H                WEIGHT


       MIX30             30 ltr             15-30 ltr           30 ltr/ 2hr         air or water             2                    EU or US          4.35 kw                2 hp              400/1025/1100 mm         177 kg


       MIX60             60 ltr             30-60 ltr           60 ltr/ 2hr         air or water             2                    EU or US          6.75 kw                3.5 hp            400/1025/1100 mm        191 kg


      MIX120          120 ltr             30-120 ltr         120 ltr/ 2hr       air or water             2                    EU or US         9.75 kw                  5 hp             620/1025/1100 mm         246 kg


      MIX200          220 ltr             60-200 ltr         200 ltr/ 2hr       air or water             2                    EU or US         14.35 kw                8 hp             730/1325/1100 mm         320 kg


1. POWER TYPE_EU: 220 voltage / 1Phase / 50 hz, 400 voltage / 3 phase / 50hz

2. POWER TYPE_US: 220 voltage / 1Phase / 60 hz, 220 voltage / 3 phase / 60hz

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