MB2T, MB6T, MB12T, MB18T

26~780 liters cavity, air-cooled blast chillers

"It is excellent for gelato & multi freezing purpose. It can fast freezing the ice cream or other food and reducing the central temperature of the food to a target level very quickly. The blast freezers designed and engineered for the needs of restaurants, bakeries, pastry and ice cream production, to freeze the object very fast under very low temperature."


  • Fast freezing prevent ice appears during temperature reducing.
  • Blast chilling and blast freezing can be controlled by probe temperature or by timer, Digital read-out of the chilling cavity or core product temperature.
  • Automatic keep frozen function after process finished.
  • 70 mm thickness isolation, power saving.
  • Outside surfaces and chilling cavity in stainless steel.



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                             CHAMBER               CAVITY               TEMPERATURE                                POWER          INSTALLED                                       DIMENSION              NET

     MODEL           CAPACITY           DIMENSION                 ACHIVED             COOLING           TYPE              POWER         COMPRESSOR           W/D/H                 WEIGHT


        MB2T                26 ltr                350/350/220 mm              -35 c.d.                air or water      EU or US            0.67 kw                0.75 hp            470/655/730 mm           77 kg


        MB6T               145 ltr               450/385/760 mm              -35 c.d.                air or water      EU or US            1.29 kw                1.5 hp              595/720/1390 mm        166 kg


       MB12T              221 ltr               560/425/930 mm              -35 c.d.                 air or water      EU or US            2.39  kw               3 hp                700/845/1650 mm        212 kg


       MB18T              784 ltr              810/605/1600 mm             -35 c.d.                 air or water      EU or US            4.1 kw                  5 hp                 950/605/1600 mm       360 kg


1. POWER TYPE_EU: 220 voltage / 1Phase / 50 hz, 400 voltage / 3 phase / 50hz

2. POWER TYPE_US: 220 voltage / 1Phase / 60 hz, 220 voltage / 3 phase / 60hz


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