M10, M15, M20, M30

10~30 liters, Water-cooled, Floor Batch Freezers

"These batch freezers integrate abundant ice cream making experience. Great stability, easy to operate, temperature control system, one key for whole process. Efficient freezing and easy control interface make it an ideal machine for premium ice cream and cold dessert."


  • Hardness-control-system (HCS) integrated with experienced technology available for any operator to make the same high-quality gelato.
  • Fully automatic operation with very friendly and flexible interface.
  • Patent dasher with high performance, easy to clean and replace.
  • Unique designed evaporator with gas finely dispersed to “Multipoint” around cylinder.
  • Two speeds, low for Italian gelato and high for high overrun ice cream.
  • Designed with safety devices to protect the operator and the machine from dangers.
  • Practical built-in water hose allowing easier and faster cleaning.
  • Maximum extraction resulting in minimal flavors overlap.
  • Automatic audible alarm signals when a process is done.
  • International acceptable R404a refrigerate gas. 



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                          CHAMBER           MIX            PRODUCE                                FREEZER             POWER        INSTALLED                                     DIMENSION               NET

      MODEL       CAPACITY         INPUT            ABILITY          COOLING     MOTOR SPEED         TYPE             POWER       COMPRESSOR            W/D/H                WEIGHT


        M10                10 ltr           1.5-5.0 ltr        12-42 ltr/hr         air or water              2                   EU or US             5.3 kw                 4 hp            550/780/1360 mm         283 kg


        M15                15 ltr           2.5-7.5 ltr        21-63 ltr/hr         air or water              2                   EU or US             5.4 kw                 5 hp            550/780/1360 mm         295 kg


        M20                20 ltr          3.0-10.0 ltr      28-90 ltr/hr         air or water               2                   EU or US             7.3 kw                 6 hp            550/860/1400 mm         335 kg


        M30                30 ltr          5.0-15.0 ltr     42-138 ltr/hr       air or water                2                    EU or US            8.4 kw               7.5 hp          550/860/1400 mm         384 kg


1. POWER TYPE_EU: 220 voltage / 1Phase / 50 hz, 400 voltage / 3 phase / 50hz

2. POWER TYPE_US: 220 voltage / 1Phase / 60 hz, 220 voltage / 3 phase / 60hz

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