4 liters, air-cooled, counter Whip Cream Machine

"now it makes everything pretty easy to getting the cream!"

our Whip Cream Machine is small & handy and can be used in varied type of shops or restaurants. The easy operation allows for the efficient production of the Cream you desire. Also it has been designed for easy cleaning and maintenance with several practical features.


  • Small footprint and small space occupation design
  • Stainless steel inner and outside material, good for health and hygiene.
  • Storage tank stay at +4 C, easy controlled by thermometer.
  • Fast serve and easy operation.
  • Stainless steel gear pump.



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                          CHAMBER         HOUR        COMPRESSOR      PUMP                                  FRAME              OUTER                        DIMENSION           POWER           NET

      MODEL       CAPACITY       OUTPUT       LOAD POWER     MOTOR   CONTROLS  CONSTRUCTION      PANEL     COOLING        W/D/H                  TYPE         WEIGHT


        WIP2              4 ltr            40kg / 120 lt           100 w              180 w      temperature           steel             stainless steel      air          335/585/420 mm    EU or US        31 kg



1. POWER TYPE_EU: 220 voltage / 1Phase / 50 hz

2. POWER TYPE_US: 240 voltage / 1Phase / 60 hz

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