4.8 liters, Air-cooled, Counter Top Batch Freezer

  • This compact batch freezer offers the same quality and durability of our larger models but fits on your counter. Now with this machine, every day you can offer your clients with fresh and premium ice cream, and it’s all made by yourself.
    Reliable is the most highlights, easy to use is also a good point. It’s really the finest batch freezers in the world.
    We are so pleased to bring this brand new counter top batch freezer to you.
  • It’s small but powerful for ice cream making. In about 10 minutes, you can create one batch of high quality ice cream, fine sorbets and more frozen products.
  • It is a professional machine even suitable for the production of larger quantities to be stored and subsequently served as desserts or single portions.
  • This is definitely a qualified machine designed for commercial usage.  It is fantastic for small ice cream/gelato shop, cafe bar, restaurant, hotel or wherever and whoever wanna fresh and qualified ice cream.
  • it’s an economic machine as well! Even it is quite acceptable and affordable for home-use and make gelato for your family!

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  • Temperature control offers an automatic operation, also chef can manually take out product very easily at any time during operation
  • Heavy duty gear box drive system results in a firmer product, serve free and longer machine life
  • Experienced cylinder design provides faster production and smoother product
  • Higher push-out blender design results in maximum clean-out with minimal ice cream left in cylinder
  • Designed with safety devices to protect the operator and the machine from dangers
  • Automatic audible alarm signals when a process is done
  • International acceptable R404A refrigerant gas
  • Faster Cleans and sanitizes in minutes 




                          CHAMBER           MIX            PRODUCE                             POWER       AGITATOR                                            DIMENSION             NET          GROSS

      MODEL       CAPACITY         INPUT            ABILITY          COOLING       TYPE            MOTOR        COMPRESSOR            W/D/H                    WEIGHT     WEIGHT


        M5                  4.8 ltr          1.5-2.2 ltr         8-17 ltr/hr                air           EU or US    0.74 kw/ 1 hp      1.1 kw /1.5 hp          370/735/675 mm           98 kg         118 kg


1. POWER TYPE_EU: 220 voltage / 1Phase / 50 hz

2. POWER TYPE_US: 220 voltage / 1Phase / 60 hz

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