New launched Counter top batch freezer

We are so pleased to lunch this brand new very well designed and manufactured counter top batch freezer. This is really a qualified machine, fantastic for small ice cream/gelato shop, cafe bar, restaurant, hotel or wherever and whoever wanna a fresh and qualified ice cream. Even it is quite acceptable for a home since it’s also economic enough. but never forget it's designed for commercial.

Quantity of mix per cycle, 1.5-2.2 ltr.
Compressor electrical loading, 1.1 kw.
Beater motor electrical loading, 0.74 kw.
Approximate time per cycle, 10 minutes.
Controls, temperature/mechanical.
Condensation, air.
Electrical supply, 230v/1/50, 60 hz.
Width, 375 mm.
Depth, 715 mm.
Height, 660 mm.
Net-gross weight, 98-118 kg.

With 15 years keep on searching the real technical of high quality ice cream/gelato making equipment, MEHEN is able to develop this effective and efficient machine. Now with this machine, you can offer your clients with every-day fresh high quality ice cream, and it’s made by yourself.
Reliable is the most highlights, easy to use is also a good point.
It’s small but powerful for ice cream making.